Developer's notes
We’re doing a revert of the shop odds changes we made back in 14.8 that aimed at reducing the power of 3-cost reroll comps. Those changes, combined with powerful 4 and 5-cost buffs went too far. The odds revert, and a few power adjustments for our overperforming 4-costs over the last few patches should have us in a new meta where reroll, fast 9, and everything in between can live together in harmony. Alongside this change, we’re also giving a little love to the reroll carries that haven’t been able to do much carrying as of late.
Level 7: 20/33/36/10/1% ⇒ 19/30/40/10/1%



Developer's notes
Duelist is one of our more consistent traits, that can be played in several different ways, from reroll to fast 9 and everything in between. We’re lowering its stacking power at 4 and 6, the most common use cases for the trait. This may seem like a light change but at 12 (max) stacks this is a significant nerf.
Even with our recent damage buffs to Exalted 5, the trait is still very hard to field. We’re doubling the XP power to make it more enticing, which should be especially handy with those all 2-costs or 1-costs Exalted line-ups.
Reaper’s getting a nice quality of life (or end of life for your foes) buff to allow the bleed damage to go through in a shorter window. It’s still the same damage, but now it will come a bit more reliably. All in all, this shouldn’t be that big of a buff for Reaper, cause if your Kayn was 2-shotting a squishy unit before in 1 second, 4 Reaper wasn't benefitting him that much anyway.
For a trait that only requires one Emblem, Sniper is just a bit too strong right now.
Trickshot relied a bit too heavily on Xayah’s viability, and with her in a more balanced place, we’re able to give a bit more power back to the trait’s lower breakpoint.
Duelist 0
Duelist AS per stack: 5/10/14/18% ⇒ 5/9/13/18%
Exalted 0
Exalted 5 XP per turn: 1 ⇒ 2
Reaper 0
Reaper 4 Bleed duration: 3 seconds ⇒ 2 seconds
Sniper 0
Sniper Damage increase per hex: 8/18/35% ⇒ 8/17/33%
Trickshot 0
Trickshot Ricochet damage: 40/60% ⇒ 45/60%


Developer's notes
We’re taking a pass on some of the 2-costs that aren’t typically worth itemizing.
Aatrox Ability damage: 260/390/600% AP ⇒ 275/415/645% AP
Janna Ability damage: 180/270/415% AP ⇒ 190/285/445% AP
Lux Ability damage: 225/340/525% AP ⇒ 240/360/560% AP
Riven Ability damage: 190/190/200% AD ⇒ 200/200/215% AD
Riven Ability 3rd cast damage: 300/300/310% AD ⇒ 310/310/325% AD
Senna Ability damage: 230/230/245% AD + 10/15/25% AP ⇒ 245/245/260% AD + 10/15/25% AP


Developer's notes
No one is rerolling Yone intentionally, so with our recent Heavenly rework to give less stats to non-Heavenly units, we see a place for the return of reroll Yone—a comp that was very dominant alongside Heavely verticals early in the set.
Soraka Ability damage: 260/390/600% AP ⇒ 260/390/650% AP
Soraka Ability secondary damage: 120/180/290% AP ⇒ 120/180/305% AP
Yone AS: 0.85 ⇒ 0.9


Developer's notes
When’s the last time you saw someone play Kayn as their primary carry? Kayn is our least-played 4-cost right now, and many players have been rightfully vocal about this. We’re giving him and his go-to comps a lot of love this patch, because Kayn and friends really need it.
Annie Mana: 70/140 ⇒ 70/120
Galio Mana: 70/140 ⇒ 70/120
Kayn AD: 75 ⇒ 80


Developer's notes
Right now, much of Hwei’s value is in his ability to paint Champions (and other things…), but the real value of art is in the eye of the beholder…we’re just going to make the AP of the beholder a bit better.
Hwei Ability damage: 180/270/2000% AP ⇒ 195/290/2000% AP
Lissandra Loot chance: 40% ⇒ 45%


Developer's notes
With a bug fix for Ba-Boom that was making it stronger than intended with Kindred, we’re able to ship a nice buff. What’s your go-to Ba-BOOM comp going to be?
Boiling Point
Boiling Point (Porcelain) Gain a Lux ⇒ Gain a Lux and an Amumu
Built Different II
Built Different II AS: 40/45/50/55% ⇒ 45/50/55/60%
Crownguarded increased Crownguard buff effect: 75% ⇒ 100%
Long Shot
Long Shot (Sniper) AS: 18% ⇒ 15%
Wrath of the Moon
Wrath of the Moon (Umbral) Damage increase per second: 4% ⇒ 3.5%
Ba-BOOM! damage increase: 75% ⇒ 90%


Developer's notes
Suspicious Trench Coat is generally too strong, especially when paired with Protector’s Vow, which gives far more frontline than intended. But past your daily Ornn with Vow and Trench Coat, Sylas and Udyr are finding the coat quite fashionable.
Spite isn’t generating as much excitement as some of our other Support items. It’s really hard to use, and the power window it provides is too short. We’re expanding that power window so that its use case is more broad. Basically, whenever Spite pops, it should be a good thing. Lastly, it stacks now, so your Support Sentinels no longer fill you with Spite—just their item slots.
Lich Bane
Lich Bane Damage: 180/240/300/360/420 ⇒ 200/270/340/410/480
Suspicious Trench Coat
Suspicious Trench Coat Health: 250 ⇒ 100
Aegis of the Legion
Aegis of the Legion now displays VFX during planning phase of affected hexes.
Spite effects now stack
Spite VFX now better matches explosion range
Spite Attack Damage/Ability Power Reduction: 40% ⇒ 25%
Spite Attack Damage/Ability Power Increase: 50% ⇒ 40%
Spite Duration: 10s ⇒ 15s
Crest of Cinders
Crest of Cinders (Red Buff) bonus damage: 5% ⇒ 10%
Crest of Cinders duration: 5 seconds ⇒ 30 seconds
More-Morellonomicon (Morellonomicon) Attack Speed: 10% ⇒ 25%



Developer's notes
50 Health just weighs him down.
Sivir Ability duration: 6 seconds ⇒ 6/7/8 seconds
Nautilus Health: 1150 ⇒ 1100


Developer's notes
A little gold here, a little gold there.
Risky Moves
Risky Moves Gold: 30 ⇒ 33
Combat Caster
Combat Caster Shield duration: 6 seconds ⇒ 4 seconds
Trade Sector
Trade Sector Gold: 2 ⇒ 4
Shopping Spree
Shopping Spree Gold: 3 ⇒ 4


In Hyper Roll, Fortune’s tooltip now correctly states that you gain Luck after every player combat, regardless of win or loss.
Fortune 0
Fortune’s tooltip now specifies that you gain luck only when losing player combats.
Removing Fishbones or Rapid Firecannon now properly removes the range increase
Behemoth 0
Behemoth’s on-death buff can now apply to allies more than 1 hex away.
Eliminated z-fighting for new Battle Academia arena for goldmines on 4k monitors
Fixed Battle Academia Ezreal missing VFX aura during taunt
Fixed the mouth appearing through the mask for Inkshadow Dowsie
We realized we never implemented the Spotlight VFX for winstreaks for Mecha Prime Zero Arena. Our bad!
Guitar smash VFX fixed so that the black box no longer appears
All Chibi Ahris tails no longer clip into the ground for Taunt animation
Kindred no longer applies Lich Bane’s damage twice per cast.
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