Mid-Patch Updates


Developer's notes
Our buff to Blue Kayle (Tome of Power) brought her a bit over the line, but when that buff was combined with a newly developed strategy of moving Kayle into the 2nd row to hit the backline, we were forced to act fast to prevent 14.7 from becoming Kayle’s patch. We’re making Kayle’s ability more intuitive by having it stop shortly after hitting its primary target, which will allow us to ship a lighter nerf to the Tome of Power, leaving it in a position where it’s still stronger than it was in patch 14.6.
Storyweaver 0
Storyweaver: Kayle’s ability now stops shortly after hitting its primary target.
Storyweaver: Tome of Power damage increase: 20% ⇒ 15%


Developer's notes
Even when 14.7 went live, Bard was already falling out of the meta as new comps had arisen. Our nerf to his base attack speed came as too much when taking into account the other nerfs his go-to comp received more indirectly. We’re giving a bit more attack speed back to our favorite caretaker of LP.
Speaking of comps that became prominent on the last days of 14.6… Yone’s success came out of nowhere as players learned to build around him as a solo carry as opposed to a dual carry in an Umbral comp. We’re lowering the rate at which he casts and the shield he gets from each cast to make him vulnerable to burst and punishable by careful positioning (Pro tip: you want your carries to target him early in a fight before he can stack up Titan’s Resolve).
Bard Attack Speed: 0.75 ⇒ 0.8
Yone Mana nerf: 0/60 ⇒ 10/70
Yone Ability shield: 280/340/400% AP ⇒ 250/300/350% AP


Developer's notes
Twin Terror Porcelain comps were strong prior to 14.7, but our much-needed buffs to Lux—who had no comp outside of the Augment—took the comp into a state where balancing it meant making Lux unclickable when you don’t have the Augment. We’ve opted to disable the Augment for the rest of this set but plan on revisiting the concept in the future. P.S. Have you noticed that our Twin Terror comps always have Amumu in them? That might be the reason he has no friends…
Everything Must Go!
Everything Must Go! has been re-enabled
Lucky Paws
Lucky Paws (Kobuko) Ability damage: 300% ⇒ 250%
Twin Terror I
Twin Terror I & II Disabled


Kog’Maw now only increases his range every 3 casts instead of 2.
Kayle’s ability cast visual no longer disappears early.



Developer's notes
Whether they’re being seen too frequently or taking too long, we’re making a few quality-of-life adjustments to some Encounters. For Encounters like Aatrox’s and Tahm Kench’s, pick one of Gold, Component Anvil, or Health, we’re rebalancing the numbers to make each option more situationally appealing. Finally, we’re slightly reducing the impact of some encounters: Teemo's Win/Loss prediction, Alune’s Unit cost buffs, and yes, even the increased Tactician size from Sett.
The following encounters will be seen less often: Sett (BIGGER) Carousel, Bard Opening, Lillia Augments Shuffled Opening, Cho’Gath Shop Slot Trade, Rakan Recombobulate
Lowered the amount of time carousel Encounters like Sett/Sivir/Trist take
Aatrox Gold, Experience, or Health choice: Gold: 10g ⇒ 8g
Alune Unit Cost buffs Two Cost: 200 HP, 20% AS ⇒ 180 HP, 18% AS
Alune Unit Cost buffs Four Cost: 100 HP, 10% AS ⇒ 120 HP, 12% AS
Irelia Free Carousel delay before player release: 6.75s ⇒ 9s
Tahm Kench
Tahm Kench Item or Component Gold: 10g ⇒ 8g
Teemo Win or Lose Prediction reward for win: 14g ⇒ 10g
Wukong 6 Radiant Items: Rascal’s Glove is now excluded from potential items.
Sett Squatting (Little Legends can get swole, but in the end, they’re still little) Size increase: 1.4 ⇒ 0.7


Developer's notes
It’s the dawn of the Sentinels!
Sentinels are sentient, supportive, OR multi-talented creatures. They love long walks on the beach, gaining range from Sniper Emblems, or having a handy shield from a Locket of Iron Solari. They’re not a big fan of being a solo front line to proc the Virtue of the Martyr enhanced healing but they’ll understand if you do so.
Wandering Trainers has been renamed to Trainer Sentinels
Wandering Vendors has been renamed to Vendor Sentinels
Trainer Sentinels and Vendor Sentinels now grant a living Sentinel instead of a Training Dummy. The Sentinel will wear and benefit from their attached Emblems and Support Items.
Sentinels are slightly stronger than Training Dummies and prefer not to be called Dummies. They can move around, attack, and cast an Ability (Sentinel Smash) that deals magic damage to their target. Similar to a Training Dummy, they will star up and get stronger as the game goes on.
The Wandering Trainer Augments can now be offered in the Trainer Sentinels Portal
The Escort Quest augment can now be offered in the Trainer Sentinels Portal and Vendor Sentinel Portal


Developer's notes
Just before Inkborn Fables launched, we introduced our loot system overhaul, which added Prismatic Orbs to ensure all players had equally powerful loot drops. As a reminder, this meant that whenever you hit a Gold or Prismatic Loot Orb, everyone in the lobby hit the same tier, even if the exact contents differed. Now that we’ve had two full patches of this system, we’ve seen that Masterwork Upgrades are a bit more powerful than other drops in the Prismatic Orb options. So for Stage 2, we’re doing away with them entirely, while for Stage 3/4 (when Items are slightly less impactful), we’re just taking away the five gold that came alongside the Masterwork Upgrade.
Stage 2 Prismatic Orb Masterwork Upgrade can no longer drop
Stage 2 Prismatic Orb: 2x Component Anvil + 3g ⇒ 2x Component Anvil + 4g
Stage 3/4 Prismatic Orb: Masterwork Upgrade + 5g ⇒ Masterwork Upgrade



Developer's notes
While a few comps have found success splashing Inkshadow, the trait has suffered when played as a vertical. Part of this is due to the overall power of the items, but another part is the weakness of the greedy stat for the Inkshadow champions. We’re giving both a lift, but the trait will get even more help with our Kai’Sa buff later. Is this enough for Vertical Inkshadow to become the new “Me Ink no Think comp? Find out next time in a game (or tattoo parlor) near you!
Design-your-own-Kayle was a Design-you-own-Red-Kayle for the first patch of Inkborn Fables. We’re pulling back on the Red options for Kayle to open up more designer-hero choices for the clever comp builders out there. We’ve also trimmed some power from Storyweaver 5/7, but only at stage 4.
Fortune 0
Fortune 7 Piece Luck Bonus: 30 ⇒ 25
Lowered the value of the 7 Fortune Orbs a bit
Ghostly 0
Ghostly Damage per spectre: 5/12/20/35% ⇒ 5/10/16/32%
Heavenly 0
Heavenly Wukong bonus Attack Speed: 12% ⇒ 10%
Heavenly Emblem Omnivamp: 3% ⇒ 6%
Inkshadow 0
Inkshadow Damage Amp and Damage Reduction: 5/10/10% ⇒ 5/10/20%
Inkshadow Tattoo of Bombardment Base AD & AS: 20% ⇒ 25%
Inkshadow Tattoo of Force Base Armor & MR: 30 ⇒ 35
Inkshadow Tattoo of Fury Base AS: 25% ⇒ 30%
Inkshadow Tattoo of Toxin Poison Damage: 33% ⇒ 44%
Inkshadow Tattoo of Vitality % HP Heal & Damage: 2.5% ⇒ 3%
Storyweaver 0
Storyweaver Scroll of Force now gives Kayle’s ability 50% more damage in addition to a wider area of effect.
Storyweaver Tome of Power Damage Amp: 10% ⇒ 20%
Storyweaver Talisman of Speed AS: 15% ⇒ 12%
Storyweaver Talisman of Aid Sunder/Shred: 30% ⇒ 20%
Storyweaver 3 Kayle on-hit magic damage: 20% AP ⇒ 18% AP
Storyweaver 3 Kayle ability cast damage: 150% AP ⇒ 140% AP
Storyweaver 5 Kayle AP Per Champion Star Level: 5/7.5/12/15/17.5 ⇒ 5/7.5/10/15/17.5
Storyweaver 7 Kayle AP Per Champion Star Level: 10/10/12/15/17.5 ⇒ 10/10/10/15/17.5


Developer's notes
Just imagine how happy Kobuko will be to hear he’s getting buffed in this patch! Almost as happy as he’d be to hear his friends are being buffed too!
As reroll staples in their own way, Kog’Maw and Yasuo are receiving nerfs to keep them within the confines of a one-cost reroll. Meanwhile, Sivir’s ability duration is receiving a nerf, not just because of her ability to be a successful reroll carry, but also because she’s commonly found associating with backliners who tend to enjoy copious amounts of Attack Speed (cough, Bard) and some newly buffed 4-cost carries.
Kobuko Ability damage: 10% HP ⇒ 15% HP
Kog’Maw Ability casts per +1 range: 2 ⇒ 3
Kha’Zix Ability AD ratio: 310% ⇒ 340%
Sivir Ability duration: 8 seconds ⇒ 6 seconds
Yasuo Ability Shield: 175/200/250 + 100/110/125% Armor+MR ⇒ 175/200/250 + 50/60/75% Armor+MR


Developer's notes
Overall, we’re looking to buff our most underperforming 2-costs, with one exception. Shen has quietly (and stoically) become a super tank at 3-stars, so while we’re lowering his damage reduction here, we’re also removing the mana lock (a time window that prevents him from gaining mana to cast again) so his hero Augment Ethereal Blades can get a nice boost. The mana-lock primarily impacts builds with Ethereal Blades, where building Attack Speed will significantly boost Shen’s ability to recast.
Kindred Ability damage: 115/175/260% AP ⇒ 125/185/285% AP
Kindred Ability secondary damage: 65/100/155% AP ⇒ 70/105/165% AP
Lux Ability damage: 210/315/480% AP ⇒ 225/340/525% AP
Qiyana Ability AD ratio: 135% AD ⇒ 150% AD
Shen self damage reduction: 40/50/90% AP ⇒ 40/50/70% AP
Shen is no longer mana-locked if he uses all three empowered attacks before his ability duration expires.


Developer's notes
.05 Attack Speed? First off, yes, second, let’s talk about my nemesis: math. At its face value, .05 AS is about a 6.25% nerf to Bard’s damage, but it’s much more than that due to how Attack Speed scaling works. Lowering Bard’s base AS lessens the multiplicative benefit he gets from AS steroids (like his friend, Sivir, or Items), but it also slows down the rate at which he charges his favorite item (Guinsoo’s Rageblade). So yeah, it is a smol number, but trust, it will have swol consequences.
Bard Attack Speed: 0.8 ⇒ 0.75
Diana Mana: 70/120 ⇒ 50/100
Soraka Ability damage: 220/330/510% AP ⇒ 230/345/550% AP
Soraka Ability secondary damage: 110/165/255% AP ⇒ 120/180/290% AP
Thresh Fated Bonus Armor/MR: 20 ⇒ 18
Thresh Ability Shared Armor/MR: 30/30/35% ⇒ 15/15/20%
Tristana Ability AD buff: 45/45/50% ⇒ 50/50/60%


Developer's notes
Part of the reason we’ve seen Fast 9 reign supreme over rolling at 8 is due to the power differential in 4 and 5 costs. We’re giving our 4-cost carries who’ve been slightly under the mark a boost while nerfing our most overperforming 5-cost in the next section. Between these two changes, expect staying at level 8 to hit your desired 4-costs a better option, but you should still expect Fast 9 to be more powerful (as intended) since it requires a bigger (and riskier) commitment.
Ashe AD: 65 ⇒ 70
Kai’Sa AD: 70 ⇒ 75
Morgana Ability damage: 250/375/1600% AP ⇒ 265/400/1600% AP


Developer's notes
As a reminder, we nerfed Wukong’s Heavenly bonus in our Traits section, but that will directly impact his individual performance as a 5-cost since the bonus is easy to activate.
Hwei Ability damage: 200/300/2000% AP ⇒ 180/270/2000% AP
Hwei Ability end healing: 100/150/1000% AP ⇒ 80/120/1000% AP
Xayah AD: 80 ⇒ 85


Developer's notes
Let’s address the dead Augment: At What Cost (Prismatic) proved to be a very powerful Augment early on in our data, but as the meta and player mastery progressed, the Augment dropped off significantly. Unfortunately, we had already submitted a nerf for the Augment, which required a significant text change and thus a longer localization (translation) window. Instead of allowing this Augment to go live to players in an overly-nerfed form, we’re opting to remove it for this patch only. We’re pretty happy with the risk-reward playstyle and the flavor for this one, so we’ll be looking forward to its return next patch.
Hero Augments, Augments that greatly enhance a lower-cost Champion to become much more powerful, are more valuable when offered early in the game, not only because of the instant power they grant then but also because it gives you more time to naturally star up and look for items for your chosen hero. These Augments are a ton of fun, and they open up entirely new playstyles, so we’re giving them a plus version for when you run into them on Stage 3-2. That way, you won’t be at such a disadvantage when you select them later in the game.
Drop Blossom!
Drop Blossom! now has a + version available on 3-2 that gives a 2-star Neeko.
Ethereal Blades
Ethereal Blades now has a + version available on 3-2 that gives a 2-star Shen.
Everything Must Go has been re-enabled (was previously playable on PBE)
Fine Vintage
Fine Vintage no longer counts PVE rounds.
Midnight Siphon
Midnight Siphon now has a + version available on 3-2 that gives a 2-star Yorick.
Midnight Siphon max Health additional Ability damage: 20% ⇒ 25%
At What Cost
At What Cost has been Disabled
Two for One
Two for One is no longer available on 2-1, and is now offered on 3-2.


Developer's notes
Whether it’s Hwei/Morgana slamming Morellonomicon or Galio/Yasuo collecting Gargoyle Stoneplates like they’re sticking them to the end of a bar and racking up the bench press PR, a few of our items were making our Champions a bit too strong for individual unit nerfs to solve.
Gargoyle Stoneplate
Gargoyle Stoneplate Base Armor/MR: 35 ⇒ 30
Hextech Gunblade
Hextech Gunblade Omnivamp 22% ⇒ 20%
Ionic Spark
Ionic Spark Health: 200 ⇒ 150
Morellonomicon Attack Speed: 15% ⇒ 10%
Sterak's Gage
Sterak’s Gage HP Gain: 20% ⇒ 25%


Developer's notes
ICYMI, a popular but niche build utilizing Fine Vintage and Zz’Rot Voidspawns alongside Heavenly, has quickly skyrocketed to one of the most powerful comps in TFT. Even without the ability to stack Support Items, Zz’Rot is one of the most reliable Support Items, but when the powerful stats of the Voidspawn get amped up by Heavenly reroll, we have an even bigger threat to balance on our hands. So we’re spreading some much-needed managed balance throughout the Convergence by lowering the bug’s stats across the board.
Aegis of the Legion
Aegis of the Legion Attack Speed: 30% ⇒ 25%
Zz'Rot Portal
Zz'Rot Portal Voidspawn Attack Speed: 0.8 ⇒ 0.75
Zz'Rot Portal Voidspawn Armor/MR: 20 ⇒ 30
Zz'Rot Portal Voidspawn no longer scales base AD with stage, only with star level.
Zz'Rot Portal Voidspawn now stars up to 2 stars on stage 4 (unchanged), and 3 stars on stage 5+
Zz'Rot Portal Voidspawn total AD value per stage: 80/80/173/225 ⇒ 80/80/120/180


Covalent Spark
Covalent Spark Health: 400 ⇒ 350
Covalent Spark Zap damage: 250% mana ⇒ 200% mana
Crest of Cinders
Crest of Cinders Burn damage: 3% HP ⇒ 2% HP
Dvarapala Stoneplate
Dvarapala Stoneplate Armor/MR per enemy targeting holder: 20 ⇒ 15
Dvarapala Stoneplate Health regeneration: 2% ⇒ 1.5%
Fist of Fairness
Fist of Fairness AP/AD: 50 ⇒ 60
Fist of Fairness Critical Strike Chance: 20% ⇒ 40%
Legacy of the Colossus
Legacy of the Colossus Base damage reduction: 12% ⇒ 16%
Legacy of the Colossus Damage reduction above 40% health: 24% ⇒ 30%
More More-ellonomicon
More More-ellonomicon Burn damage: 3% HP ⇒ 2% HP
Spear of Hirana
Spear of Hirana AP/AD 45 ⇒ 50
Spear of Hirana Mana 15 ⇒ 20
Sterak's Megashield
Sterak’s Megashield HP: 30% ⇒ 40%
Sterak’s Megashield AD: 55% ⇒ 60%



Developer's notes
Small, like the impact these changes should have on the meta.
Altruist 0
Altruist Armor/MR: 10/25/45 ⇒ 10/20/40
Arcanist 0
Arcanist AP for Arcanists: 20/45/80/125 ⇒ 20/50/85/125
The Artist’s easter Egg is easier to uncover
Reaper 0
Reaper 4 Reaper bleed damage: 50% ⇒ 45%


Developer's notes
The following champions have had their recommended items changed. This not only helps players learn which champion is best for which items, but it also helps our systems, like Lucky Gloves, function more reliably.
Aphelios: Attack Caster ⇒ Attack Carry
Azir: Magic Caster ⇒ Magic Caster (high mana)
Hwei: Magic Caster ⇒ Magic Caster (high mana)
Janna: Magic Caster ⇒ Magic Carry (high mana)
Kindred: Magic Carry ⇒ Magic Caster
Kog’Maw: Magic Carry ⇒ Magic Caster
Lissandra: Magic Caster ⇒ Magic Caster (high mana)
Lux: Magic Caster ⇒ Magic Caster (high mana)
Yone: Attack Carry ⇒ Attack Fighter
Zyra: Magic Caster ⇒ Magic Caster (high mana)



Developer's notes
Shipping a few structural changes that should make the mode slightly less late-game focused.
A new combat round has been added at 7-3.
Gold at Stage 7: 15/8 ⇒ 15/7/7
Gold at Stage 8: 19/11/11 ⇒ 15/7/7
Gold at Stage 9+: 14/11/11 ⇒ 15/7/7


Chibi Heartsteel Sett’s Taunt emote is now uninhibited
The item grids of multiple Arenas will no longer be offset from the intended placement/location
Black Hole Arenas no longer causes units in the enemy right corner to stutter
I’m a fan of that: Mega Fan Sprite’s VFX are back
Mythic 0
Mythic stack counter no longer displays in combat.
Mythic stack counter no longer vanishes when fully stacked.
Simplified Amumu’s ability tooltip.
Chaotic tooltips: Call to Chaos tooltip for the Zeke’s Herald / Locket of the Iron Solari dummies now properly says you get 2 copies of the item.
Gold Subscription now correctly says that it gives you gold every stage in standard and Double Up
Fielding multiple units with Tactician’s Crowns no longer causes some units to lose traits when fighting on away boards.
The Fated bond now vanishes when one bonded unit dies.
Too quick: Quicksilver no longer blocks Zephyr.
Tome of Power
Tome of Power’s damage amp now works correctly (5 Storyweaver).
Never lucky: Fortune now correctly grants the highest tier of cashout if you have enough Luck.
Crownguarded now correctly increases the effects of Crownguards.
Scuttle Puddle and Crab Rave now correctly replace the stage 10 Rift Herald round in Hyper Roll.
Dragons can boil things too: Boiling Point is now correctly available to be offered when the Porcelain trait is active instead of when the Dragonlord trait is active.
Stand United now clarifies that only non-unique traits count toward its bonus.
It's Going to be Epic
It’s Going to be Epic is now correctly available when the Mythic trait is active instead of when two or more Mythic units are in play.
Lucky Ricochet
Lucky Ricochet’s description now correctly states that it grants a Sivir and Teemo.
I guess we hate fun now: After Lissandra puts Tibbers in a pot, he no longer comes out as Annie riding on another Annie's shoulders
Fine Vintage
Fine Vintage will no longer be offered when the player has Slammin’
Fixed some issues with the Fortune Tree
After casting his spell, Volibear will keep his current attack target instead of randomly searching for another target in range.
Kayle will now correctly gain extra stats in stage 6+
Unified Resistance will now show its visual effect during the Planning Phase and not during the Combat Phase
Storyweaver 0
Storyweaver Augments are now correctly available to be offered when you have the Storyweaver trait active instead of when you have two or more Storyweaver units in play.
Caretaker's Chosen
Caretaker’s Chosen now correctly grants its earlier rewards if you take it at a higher level.
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